Compressors and compressed air dryers

Kaeser is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of compressed air systems in Europe with more than 2,900 employees worldwide. The company philosophy is based on a consistent customer orientation that results in innovative products and advanced system solutions. We are proud to be able to represent this successful company in the Zeeland market.

Through expert advice to an optimal compressed air solution!

To measure is to know!

Let us measure your compressed air consumption so that we can give you the best advice.

We have been providing service for Kaeser compressors for many years.

Energy costs
It is perhaps unnecessary for us to point out that the investment costs are not the most important when purchasing a compressor, but the specific energy consumption, thus the number of kWh/min or kWh/m3 compared with compressors of the same size. The greatest part of the operating costs per m3 of air are actually determined by the energy costs. A (possibly) greater investment can often be recovered by the lower energy costs due to the Sigma profile.

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